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Scam alert

Social Security Calling?  Nope.

With tax season here the Social Security scammers are back out in force.  Like mall Santas around Christmas, but not nearly as jolly. 

Scam alert

The Gift Card Scam

The Gift Card Scam is a classic in that it's been around forever with basically no changes in the text. Somehow it still works, though.


Using QR Codes for Your Business

Do you know all the things you can do with QR codes? Want some free tools? Check out our video on creating and using QR codes!

Scam alert

The Fake Support Popup Scam

You're researching work stuff on the Internet, click a link, and blam! Big scary website pops up with text, images, and a talking voice that your...


Basics of SEO, AdWords, and Social Media

The Middletown Chamber of Commerce hosts Internetek for sessions on the basics of SEO, AdWords, and Social Media. These are recordings of live...

Scam alert

The Call Us Scam

This scam features a phone call to the scammers rather than e-mail scams. The scammer tries to look like someone purchased something using your...

Scam alert

Amazon Credential Phishing

We choose to feature this scam e-mail because it uses some techniques we don't get to see very often. Otherwise, it's a standard credential phishing...